2Day 2Do - Easy Agenda Planner Gold
2Day 2Do - Easy Agenda Planner Gold


2Day 2Do - Easy Agenda Planner can become your favorite day planner app. You can easily create text notes about work that needs to be done and plan meetings. Get things done with our best schedule app!


HOW TO USE:To begin, open the calendar in a separate window and set the deadline when you want your project finished. Once the deadline is set, the daily planner will save the information and notify you in time. There is Notification center on the right side in Macs. The notification also can emerge from the toolbar on the top. You can use different colors to mark notes as urgent, important and others. Use different tags to navigate easily and sort the tasks of the same group. Cross the tasks you have already done off your to-do list. Thus, you will get a nice view of multiple tasks and projects you have going on each day. Be more efficient at work and maintain an organized home with 2Day 2Do - Easy Agenda Planner Gold!

 2Day 2Do - Easy Agenda Gold features:

- Our daily schedule template presents clean and user-friendly interface with simple layout; 
- It’s quick to use so you would spend less time planning and more time doing;
- Simple tags system;
- Sort your tasks by date or tags;
- It allows to construct flexible lists of errands;
- You can prioritize all tasks by marking each of them according to their importance;
- You are getting notifications when a Due Date is near;
- Done tasks can be crossed off your list.

2Day 2Do - Easy Agenda Planner Gold  is a brilliant daily schedule maker for Mac users which combines several functions from creating a schedule to marking the importance of tasks. 

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