4th July Picnic Plan
4th July Picnic Plan


Getting prepared for a nice and memorable cookout has never been easier! Simply choose the place you want - forest, beach or park and the time you're going to spend there (one day, one day with overnight stop, etc) and 4th July Picnic Plan will offer you all necessary food and other stuff that you'd better take with you. You can also discover some interesting and useful facts on how to organize your picnic place. Have fun!

HOW TO USE: Choose the place you want to go - forest, beach or park - and the amount of time you're going to spend there. You will be offered a list of food and useful things to take with you. Add or remove any of them, read useful ideas and have the best picnic ever! 

4th July Picnic Plan features:
- Select the place for your picnic: forest, beach or field;
- Choose the time you'll spend there: a day, a day and a night or more;
- Adjust the offered list of food and things according to your preferences;
- View useful hints on how to organize picnic.

Organize the most wonderful picnic wherever you want with 4th July Picnic Plan!
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