50 Green Tones
50 Green Tones


Meet new app for those who really like animals and need to keep healthy and meat-free way of life. 50 Green Tones - Vegetarian Diets is useful for people with the desire of becoming a vegetarian. Maintain vegetarian lifestyle and see how many animals and fish you have saved. If you are a newcomer and it's difficult for you to remove meat from your diet 50 Green Tones - Vegetarian Diets can help you with that - just enter a product you want to replace and app will offer you a list of alternative products.

In 50 Green Tones - Vegetarian Diets you can find lots of veg recipes to variate your diet and to not feel the lack of meat. All recipes are divided really handy, so it's very comfortable to find a recipe for main dish or for a dessert. To know what you really allowed to eat just determine what kind of vegetarianism you want to follow.

50 Green Tones - Vegetarian Diets features:
- Counts how many animal you save;
- Recipes for all kinds of vegetarianism;
- List of substitutions.
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