50 Oriental Breathwork Activities
50 Oriental Breathwork Activities


Discover the ancient eastern art of breathing! With 50 Oriental Breathwork Activities you will learn to control your mood and be in shape! Find more about eastern breathing techniques - Taiji, Qigong and Jianfei - each of them has its own unique exercises to perceive the oriental wisdom and develop meditative skills. Take control of your body and emotions - discover zen and serenity!

HOW TO USE: To begin your oriental journey choose the technique you prefer - Taiji, Qigong or Jianfei - and choose one of the exercises. Each of them is accompanied with description and vivid oriental picture. If you want to discover more about techniques themselves you can find all necessary information and hints. Perform the chosen exercises and reach inner peace and calm!

With 50 Oriental Breathwork Activities features:
- Ancient oriental breathwork techniques - Taiji, Qigong and Jianfei;
- 50 breathing exercises to discover;
- Vivid oriental pictures and detailed description of each exercise.
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