Advanced Coffee Guide
Advanced Coffee Guide


Our life has a furious pace. For many people coffee has become a magic wand which allows not to remain behind in this race. Do you like this drink? Or you just want to know more facts about coffee and its history? Or you are looking for a new unusual coffee recipes for your usual morning cup of this magic drink? Anyway you'll find something useful and interesting in our coffee app - Advanced Coffee Guide! 

HOW TO USE: Choose a category you would like to read and learn best way to make coffee. To use a coffee calc choose the type and amount of coffee you need: 50, 250 or 400 ml, and the coffee app calculates the amount of ingredients for you!

Advanced Coffee Guide features:
-You can read history and interesting facts about coffee;
-Learn different sorts of coffee and their main characteristics;
-Read about World's most famous coffee companies;
-Find some new type of coffee beverages and get tasty coffee recipes;
-Use coffee calc to figure out what amount of ingredients you need.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world but it still has its secrets which it has kept for centuries, we tried to clue most of them for you in our guide and the only thing which you should do is to choose which of them you want to know. Use Advanced Coffee Guide to discover everything about coffee!

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