Baby Lantern 3D - Sweet Night
Baby Lantern 3D - Sweet Night


Does your toddler refuse to sleep at night? We know how to solve this problem: Baby Lantern 3D - Sweet Night - a perfect "nanny" for your kid!
This lantern will create an ideal atmosphere and get your kid sleep till morning. Switch between different settings, choose any color and model: bear, penguin, dino, rabbit and other animals (each of them has its color). Your kid still doesn't want to sleep? Add a somnolent lullaby and choose the mode you want. Set a timer if necessary and be sure your kid will fall asleep in a few minutes.

HOW TO USE: Select any color of the lantern and let your kid watch cute animal's animations. Switch on a pleasant melody to create a necessary atmosphere. Set a timer and select any mode you want. Your kid will fall asleep very soon!

Baby Lantern 3D - Sweet Night features:
- 5+ animals with funny animations;
- Warm colors;
- Pleasant and somnolent lullabies that help your kid fall asleep;
- Timer is available;
- Choose any mode you like.
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