Business Calendar
Business Calendar


Modern life is so full of events and occasions, that there is no wonder we forget to do something so easy, sometimes something really important, hurting our friends and close ones. We all have different interests and a lot of people dear to us to attend to. Sometimes our timetables become outstandingly insane and we ourselves may not be able to figure out what is when.

Business Calendar will let you organize your life by months, weeks and days, find balance between activities of different nature and optimize your routes across the city during the day. This app is extremely useful and passes perfectly to everyone from school students to top managers.

HOW TO USE: Launch the app, pick a date you’re planning something for, describe the event, set its time, then choose its category. Observe how busy this or that day, week or month is and with events of which character. Set reminders, so that you never forget anything.

Business Calendar features:
- Ddifferent categories of activities like work, sport, casual, holidays, activities;
- Possibility to track your activities by month, weeks, days, hours;
- Each category has its own color for easier orientating;
- Function to set reminder not to forget something important.

With Business Calendar you’ll be able to manage your timetable and be always on time, forget about stress and being nervous and improve your life quality! This app is an irreplaceable helper for everyone!
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