Business Lady Book
Business Lady Book


Ladies, organize your business day fast and easily using our new innovative app Business Lady Book! It's a very useful practic and handy day timer for businesswomen.

HOW TO USE: You can make different notes: fix an event, add some text and title page or add an image or photo from your gallery or camera. Make also different tasks not to forget about: fix the title page, time and reminders about the coming event. You are a true lady, so don't forget to make special women notes: add your state of mind and symptoms in the current day, control time of start and finish of your menses, prognose your further ovulation and note it in the calendar. All this information is visualised in the calendar: your notes, tasks or events, notes about woman organisme and your helper. Change settings also if you need: make a time or title classification of your notes and tasks, delete all of them if you want and watch the duration of your cycle and menses to prognose the further ones.

Business Lady Book features:
- Useful practic and handy day timer for women;
- Make different notes, tasks or a woman calendar;
- Arrange and organize your affairs with task planner;
- New innovative app which doesn't have analogues;
- Add different images and photos to your notes;
- Control your female health with woman calendar;
- Change the settings if you want;
- Organize your business day fast and easily!

Great multi-function day timer for you in Business Lady Book! There are no any similar business apps for women, so use it and arrange all your affairs!
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