Business Memo Rec
Business Memo Rec


Business Voice Memo Recorder is our new program for creating voice notes, recordings of meetings or lectures. It allows you to make text notes (tags) with reference to a particular place in the sound recording. You can quickly skip uninteresting fragments while playing your record. There is also a possibility to make and start playing from the "bookmarks". Highlight the most important parts of a record and make your life easier.

HOW TO USE: Make a recording, add text notes and bookmarks. To start playback from the "bookmark" - tap on the flag.

Business Voice Memo Recorder features:
- Ability to make "bookmarks" in certain parts of the recording;
- Ability to add comments , highlight the most important parts of a record , play back, record only "bookmarks";
- Tags with time reference allow you to quickly locate important parts of a record;
- Allows you to skip uninteresting fragments in a record;
- You can use any track from your device;
- Records can be sorted into folders.
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