Business Time Log
Business Time Log


Keep track of your work progress, calculate the numbers of hours worked and wages with our new application Business Time Log. It helps you optimize your work time and raise productivity and maybe even your earnings.

It is a quick, easy and convenient application with clean and uncluttered design that is ideal choice for busy working person.

1. First of all, you need to create a new project on the app's main screen.
2. After that, edit your new project: you can add the name of the project and client's name, input your wage amount and choose your wage system: fixed-wage system or hourly wage system. 
3. So, you have created a project. Then when you start your work, start the app's timer and stop it when you finish work.
The application tell you how many hours you worked and how much money you earned.

You can create several different projects and switch between them.

Business Time Log App features:
- App that optimize your work time;
- Work time tracking;
- Wage calculator with 2 wage systems;
- Clean and uncluttered design;
- User-friendly interface

Check out our Business Time Log application and optimize your work time.
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