Business Time Tracker
Business Time Tracker


Time is money, but nowadays people are so busy, that  nobody can remember all the things he wants to do. Business Time Tracker will help you to manage your tasks in time. Plan your day from the beginning, find time not only for duties but also for breaks. 


HOW TO USE: Note different tasks and point date, when you want to do it! Set time when you are going to finish a task, and the application will remind you when you have to stop. You can determine, how many hours you must spend on work and on leisure activities. 


Business Time Tracker Features:

- Point due dates for different tasks;

- Set time, when you must finish a task;

- Determine, how much time you must spend on different activities and plan your day;

- Use it as timer;

- Possibility to determine not only dates but also hours for different activities.


Business Time Tracker is a simple tool for busy persons, who don't want to waste plenty of time. Create your own  to-do list with Business Time Tracker! Use this app and you will never forget about something important! 

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