Business Voice Memo Recorder Gold
Business Voice Memo Recorder Gold


Business Voice Memo Recorder Gold is a special program developed for creating voice notes. You can record what is spoken during the conferences you are at and later mark the most important parts. It is very comfortable and saves a lot of time! You can quickly find the parts of the recording you need and skip fewer​ important ones.

How to use:
Start and finish recording whenever you want. Mark any parts of the recordings and find them quickly when needed! 
If there is no sound for some time, the recording will be automatically stopped. You can always start a new recording or continue any of the previous ones.

Business Voice Memo Recorder Gold features:
-One of the most useful business utilities for your Mac;
-Voice notepad with many functions;
-Good for recording conferences and meetings;
-Change the format of the recorded file;
-Mark the most important parts; 
-Create voice notes any time you need;
-Add your comments;
-Add new marks at the most important parts of the recording;
-You can reproduce only marked places.

Business Voice Memo Recorder Gold will help you to organize your work better and to track all the information you need.

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