Car Location Finder 2
Car Location Finder 2


How many times we forgot, where we left our car! In this world full of rush we should keep in mind too many things and sometimes any of trifles slip out of mind. But not today! We found a way to help you with this small problem! With Car Location Finder you will never lose your car! Use it in one tap and deal with your business. 

HOW TO USE: Tap your location to make Car Location Finder remember it. When you want to find your car, just open the map and it will show you, where it is. Follow the route and you'll find your car. You can also add a note to describe the park place.

Car Location Finder features:
- Smart compass guides you to your car;
- Several windows for more parking information; 
- All your parking places are saved in the history;
- Easy to use app - keep a location in one tap;
- Useful tool for not to charge memory with trifles;
- Supports Apple Watch.

Check-in your auto at the car park and make yourself easy to do your business, Car Location Finder will take care of your car!
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