Charges Tracker
Charges Tracker


Charges Tracker  is new budget organizer allowing you to gain control of your finances, cut costs and save money! Remember – a saved penny is an earned penny! Charges Tracker is smart device for difficult tasks, which is simple to use. 

Divide your expenses into FOUR CATEGORIES:
- Entertainment;
- House;
- Shopping;
- Transport.

HOW TO USE: There are four categories of expenses. The amount of expenses in every category is limited. Add descriptions and amounts, which will be summed. You can check on the Main Menu,  whether you have exceeded the limit of expenses.  You can see month and year statistics on expenses and income. There are separate menus for cash and for bank cards. On the Bank Cards menu you can find currency converter. 

Charges Tracker features: 
- Expense tracker with four costs categories;
- Financial manager with limits of expenses;
- Diagrams for better understanding of the situation;
- Possiblility to track expenses for different periods of time;
- Separate counting of expenses for cash and for bank cards;
- Currency converter in addition

Start spending money smart and plan your budget to save money right from the beginning of the month! Charges Tracker will help you to be in direct control of yourself, when you go shopping.  
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