Cocktail Proportions
Cocktail Proportions


The application Cocktail Proportions is a collection of popular drink recipes with step by step instructions and colorful pictures.  

With this application you can:
- Find new recipes of tasty cocktails;
- Gladly surprise your guests with refined taste;
- Easily prepare the cocktail;
- Count proportions for each cocktail.


1. Serving Calculator
It is easy cocktail calculator that will calculate THE AMOUNT AND PROOF OF COCKTAIL you can prepare from ingredients you have.  

2.Ingredient Calculator
This one counts the AMOUNT OF INGREDIENTS you need to have for a cocktail.  

Look through recipes or use fast search bar to find the cocktail by name.

Cocktail Proportions features:
- With Cocktail Proportions you can easily make any cocktail you want;
- Collection of popular and fashion cocktails;
- Serving Calculator;
- Ingredient Calculator;
- You can find the cocktail by name using the advanced search function.

Cocktail Proportions is a great option to improve your cocktail preparing skills or learn something new. You will be a welcome guest on every party! Get some new ideas from recipes of cocktails represented in the application, shake your drinks  and enjoy!
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