Contacts Info Scanner
Contacts Info Scanner


Smart devices make our lives easier every day in various spheres of our lives. We present your Contacts Info Scanner - a perfect business app with Apple Watch support which will help you to create, edit and organize your business cards. Fill in all necessary information, including photo, name, phone number, e-mail, Twitter and LinkedIn usernames and even address. You can add this data from your own contacts list and open your browser to see social networks profiles or maps to see the address right from the business card! There are various templates for your cards and you can also quickly access them via Apple Watch.

HOW TO USE: Create and edit your business cards with ease: 
- take photo or add it from your library; 
- add contact data from your own contacts list; 
- save and quickly access social networks profiles; 
- enter the address and find it via Apple Maps;
- choose various templates for your cards.

Contacts Info Scanner features:
- Create and edit business cards with ease;
- Customize each detail - photo, personal data, social networks profiles and address,
- Quickly access profiles via browser and address via Apple Maps;
- Apple Watch Support.
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