Crazy Shapes Collage
Crazy Shapes Collage


Hi there all lovers of making collages! The new app Crazy Shapes Collage allows you to unleash your creativity and make collage of your photos! Make unforgettable and amazing looking photo frames and unique collages and share them with friends!

Each of your photos is a part of your life that keeps good memories. So why not make it better by combining them, adding captions and make them beautifully framed? Make your masterpieces with Crazy Shapes Collage!

HOW TO USE: in this simple collage maker just choose your images and make collage using given tools. There are 12 interesting frames with various themes and forms. Add funny captions to your collage, change fonts and colors! Add some of different given stickers to your pictures! Don’t forget to save and share your masterpiece with your friends!

Crazy Shapes Collage features:
- Save and share funсtions;
- 12 different themed frames;
- Add captions on your pictures;
- Different fonts and colors of your text;
- Various stickers to make your collage unique.

Try the amazing collage maker Crazy Shapes Collage and make your memories greatly framed and designed! Share your works with your friends! 
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