Daily Efficiency
Daily Efficiency


Nowadays people are so busy, that  they have no time for rest. It is important to find time not only for labour  but also for leisure activities. For all busy persons we have created Daily Efficiency app. With this tool you can find out, how many hours you have spent during a day for different activities.

HOW TO USE: Choose an activity on the menu and push the button to start time counting. After you have pushed it the second time, the counting stops. 
Another option is to determine duration of different activities and let the application count time automatically. In the end of the day you can see statistics. 

7 Categories:
- Work
- Cleaning
- Leisure
- Sleep
- Shopping
- Break
- Driving 

Daily Efficiency features:
- Find out, how many hours you have spent for different activities;
- 7 kinds of activities to choose from;
- Simple control with two clicks;
- Two options: set timer manually or automatically 
- Possibility to check statistics in the end of the day.

Daily Efficiency is a simple tool for busy persons, who don't want to waste plenty of time. Control how many hours you spend  for different activities with Daily Efficiency! Use this app and you will find time for everything! 
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