Debt Payment Manager
Debt Payment Manager


Debt Payment Manager is a useful tool to keep your debts well managed and organized. Try out an easy way to remember who has borrowed your stuff and whom you owe some. Helpful for those who often lends money or borrow something. 

HOW TO USE: With button “debts”, add new borrowed\lended thing or amount and enter a contact information. Use “payment history” to control your payments – here you can check what payments you have already done. Use “nearest payments” to see when you have to pay next time or when you get paid. 

Debt Payment Manager features:
- Keep a full list of your debts in one app!
- Remember the date of your next payment;
- Monitor what payments you have already done or get;
- Save the history and you will forget nothing!

Debt Payment Manager is your financial counsel, reminder, and helper! It is a simple way to manage your debts! You will never lose your things or money and will be able to keep your stuff and budget under control.
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