Debts Tracker
Debts Tracker


Sometimes our best friends need help and we can't refuse it. But some persons can't sleep calm, after they have lent money. Debts Tracker will help you to order all debts and not to forget any debtor.

HOW TO USE: Create records, to note all debtors. Click on the name of a person to see when you have lent him or her money and how much it was. When you have lent money to a person several times, you can also note it in description. 

Debts Tracker features:
- Sort debts by name;
- Edit your notes;
- Possibility to sum many debts;
- Note, whom you owes money;
- Register the date of a debt.

Debts Tracker is a simple and useful app for your collection! Keep calm and let Debts Tracker register all your debtors.
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