Diagram Author - Chart Builder Gold
Diagram Author - Chart Builder Gold


Diagram Author - Chart Builder Gold is a convenient pie chart maker for those who like diagrams and prefer to keep everything in order. 
You can make pie chart and save it into a text document to make your report more vivid and easy to understand. 


HOW TO USE: Enter the data and the chart will be automatically created. A pie chart can have many sectors of different colors. Field labels show which field represents which subject.


Diagram Author - Chart Builder Gold features:

- Marvelous pie charts creation app;
- Nice colors will please your eyes;
- You can create many sectors for each pie chart;
- Each sector has its color;
- Choose to display or not to display the field labels;
- Diagrams will help you to make plans and create statistics;
- The application supports the retina screen.


Pie chart creator always help to make the information clear and understandable for everyone. Raise your productivity with Diagram Author - Chart Builder Gold! 

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