Diary Plus
Diary Plus


Everyone sometimes needs to share his or her feelings, worries and thoughts. Unfortunately, not everyone has opportunity to talk to their friends. That's why Diary Plus is proposed to you - right down all your secrets using this app and maybe you'll be able to solve problems on your own? 

HOW TO USE: Make Diary Plus a friend of yours and write everything you want! You can even use it like a notepad  - enter important information and use special safety protection with a password! Now Diary Plus is the best app to safe your private feelings and ideas - use it and don't worry about sneaky people who can read it.

Diary Plus features:
- Convenient personal diary;
- Write notes and notifications;
- Opportunity to connect notes with smartphone calendar;
- Opportunity to set a password.

Traditional diaries are out of fashion - use modern Diary Plus to keep your thoughts and secrets safe!
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