Epilepsy Tracing
Epilepsy Tracing


Epilepsy Tracing is a modern and easy to use tool to control epileptic seizures and other companion processes. This app is specially developed for patients and doctors to monitor state of health, drug intake, doctor's appointments and epileptic seizures. All these functions warrant accurate work of tracing program. All your notes will be saved, and you'll be able to give your doctor full report about your disorder. 

Handy interface gives an opportunity to edit settings whenever you need. The most significant feature is a capacity to make a reports automatically. All your information will be arranged chronologically for your convenience.

Epilepsy Tracing features:
- Track each epileptic seizure using special button;
- Enter the information about seizure types and subtypes;
- Track medical appointments;
- Control state of health;
- Different kinds of notifications.
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