Everyday Fact
Everyday Fact


You like new information and want to get it every day, don’t you? If so, Everyday Fact app is a perfect choice for you!

This application will provide you with a new interesting fact every 24 hours. You will get to know such things as when bubblegum was invented, which lake is the biggest one in the world and so on! During a year you will get to know 365 interesting facts about famous people and unusual animals, cities and monuments, events and historical dates. Therefore you will always have something to tell your friends and colleagues to amuse them!

HOW TO USE: Open the application every day and read a new fact! As all the facts are beautifully decorated, you will be pleased with both the design and the information! 

You can also mark your favorite facts and share any of them via social networks: Facebook, Twitter and so on. Your friends will definitely like to read the facts!

Everyday Fact features:
-Stylish design and pleasing colors;
-Interesting information for everyone;
-Food for thought 365 days a year;
-You can share the information via social networks.

Everyday Fact is the best app for those who like interesting information, but whose free time is too limited to read books and newspapers often.
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