Expenses Book
Expenses Book


We always wonder how do we spend money and try to revise our expenses. Save your time and finance with new Expenses Book! Observe all your expenses during the week, month  or even a year to revise them and to make a balance between your income and total expenses. 

Expenses Book allows you to note all your activities and relevant expenses. The application offers wide range of icons  for your activities, different colors and other options to make notes and count your finance. 

Review your activities in more convenient manner for you;  set period of activities, diagram or table  and observe your expenses. 

HOW TO USE: User friendly interface and set up main activity icons will lead  you the necessary activity. Choose an activity, add notes and amount of money spent. Set a period of time and total activities overview. In-app calculator will calculate your expenses  and give you report. Observe your activities in a very easy way.

Expenses Book features:
- Improved interface;
- New activity icons and more colors;
- In-app calculator;
- Individual expenses book;
- Diagrams and tables to overview your expenses for different activities. 

Expenses Book -   an easy way to balance your finance
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