Extended Alcohol Guide
Extended Alcohol Guide


It's time to add some style and scientific method to your alcoholic adventures! Experiments are a good way to test some things but sometimes it's better to be prepared and have some basic knowledge before you jump in feet first. Our new super useful app Extended Alcohol Guide will help you not to wander meaninglessly and get only good experience with alcoholic drinks.

With our Extended Alcohol Guide you can learn interesting information about countless types of alcohol - from quite common to exotic ones. Learn how to choose right beverages which will suite tastes of your every guest and make a party truly awesome. Also our app has a list of the most popular drinks with an average price for every item - plan your budget in advance. And finally you can use an alcohol calculator - just choose a desirable condition (from sober stage through party stage to pass out stage) and find out how much your should drink to get it.

Extended Alcohol Guide Features:
- Great alcohol guide book for both party lover or wine gourmet;
- Contains tons of information about different alcoholic drinks;
- Extremely useful alcohol calculator - get drunk only to desirable stage;
- Make your alcoholic experiences safer.

Let wine (or anything you like) flow and enjoy the party with Extended Alcohol Guide app!
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