FileName Changer
FileName Changer


To rename your files fast and simple use the app FileName Changer - Rename It In Bulk. Usually you spend some seconds to rename a file, but if there are a lot of them, it makes up a considerable amount of time. With FileName Changer - Rename It In Bulk you will save time and increase you productivity. It is so fast, that you don't notice, how does it function. This app is useful for everybody, who needs to work with many files of different formats.

HOW TO USE: Choose a file and the format, drag the file and let the app rename it.

 FileName Changer - Rename It In Bulk features:
- Rename files in large quantity;
- Helps to increase productivity while working with many files;
- Drag & drop files, choose the format and that is all;
- Supports different formats of files.

We don't notice how many time we spend on trifles like renaming of files. Use your time rationally and let  FileName Changer - Rename It In Bulk manage this small but necessary task. 
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