Flexibility Routines
Flexibility Routines


Wondering how to become more flexible? Welcome to the fascinating world of fitness! Make physical exercises into your habit and enjoy being fit and healthy with Flexibility Routines- perfect workout trainer app! It will be your personal trainer and fitness express guide and a perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle!


HOW TO USE: Click on the button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to show the main menu. Choose exercises to see the exercises descriptions, choose my program to add routines to your program and manage it. 

Use rating to rate routines and choose your favorite one.

Use buttons information and support if you have any questions of this app using.


Flexibility Routines features:

- Create a special plan of physical exercises in one of the most convenient lifestyle apps;

- Different kinds of stretching exercises: dynamic stretching, static stretching, stretching sagely, stretching safely and effectively;

- Fitness exercise program for a perfect body in one workout trainer app;

- Sport exercise pro convenient and simple design;

- Great pocket guide with detailed instructions and pictures.


Being strong is never wrong! If you want to look perfect and be attractive, try Flexibility Routines and you won’t regret it! One of the best lifestyle apps will teach you healthy living habits and take you in amazing world of flexible routine! 

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