Flights Manager
Flights Manager


It’s impossible to imagine a life of a modern person without vacation journeys and business trips. Millions of people use airplanes for these purposes, but how stressful it is before the flight? You have to remember the time of departure and registration, the number of the terminal, where to go to and so on and so forth. Provided that most of us are rather concerned about how we pack our luggage and if we’ve taken all required documents with us, it’s no surprise that so many people miss their flights.
HOW TO USE: Launch the app and enter information on the flight you’re going to take: departure and arrival points, registration and departure time, terminal and flight number. The app will remind you about the flight you’re taking soon and all information you need not to be late.

Features of Flights Manager:
- handy organizer of all flight information a traveler may need;
- record and never forget:
- terminal and flight number;
- registration and departure time;
- set alarm time, and the app will remind you about a flight you’re taking soon;
- everything you have to remember is in your device.

Here is an opportunity to make one step towards the improvement of your air travel experience. What if you don’t have to keep all information about the airport and registration time in your head or on a sheet o paper that may get accidently thrown away or somewhere in your mobile device, and you cannot find where exactly? What if you enter all the information you’ll need in one program and calmly pack your luggage and prepare documents, because this application will remind you about the flight and everything you need to know not to get lost or be late? Meet Flights Manager!

Let’s remove one stress source from our lives once and forever! Use Flights Manager and be always sure, that you’ll never forget about or miss your flight!

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