Forest Grows is a new level of applications for people as no other application it will help you to pay all of your attention to the work, task, study or other important exercise as never before! With Forest Grows concentrate app you won't be disturbed with spontaneous desire to play game on your Smartphone, check if somebody has sent you a message in social web or other. 


Do you want to improve your concentration? If you want to change your way of life and do not want to spend precious time doing useless kill-time stuff like checking FB account or post photos of what you have eaten today - plant a tree! 


HOW TO USE: Forest Grows will help to concentrate on your work at least for 30 minutes - and it is real achievement for modern human with plenty of gadgets and games that waste your time - it is really one of the most useful apps!

It works really easy: whenever you need to keep your concentration just plant a tree! After you have started the application tap on the button "Plant A Tree". As soon as you have tapped you planed a seed and with time it will turns into a sprout, and then into a big and beautiful green tree. 

You should remember, while the tree is growing you can't use other functions of the Smartphone, otherwise the tree will perish. The default time for the full tree growing process is 30 minutes, however you can make it lasts longer.


Forest Grows Features:

-Keep concentration on your work, tasks, study or other important exercise;

-Plant a tree and see the benefit of work you have done;

-Learn how to stay focused on the work and improve concentration;

-See how much time you spend with useless;

-Beautiful and cute decision to use Smartphone as helper;

-Monitor your day with history - see how many trees you have grown and how many have died.



This concentrate app will be helpful for you, no matter if you are adult or teenager, businessman or student - all of us lose time surfing the internet, watching videos with cats or chat. Everyday grow as many trees as you can, you will improve your concentration and grow a whole forest in your Smartphone! Every tree will remind you have spent those with benefit, not killed the time - it is the most useful apps.

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