Fortify Colds
Fortify Colds


This is an interesting and unusual way to strengthen your health and to boost your immune system. Cold water, air and alternating showers can easily help you to improve your natural body resistance to colds and all kinds of flu. How does it work? Launch the app and get to know! Various «Fortify Colds» methods and programs with «step by step» descriptions and interesting tips on how to boost your immune system at home without using any medicines! 
HOW TO USE: Firstly, choose one of the presented programs. Use the in-build calendar to set the suitable days and time for your treatments. You can also create your own program by choosing the most appropriate methods. The app will remind you when it’s time to perform your «immune exercises». Go to the  interesting healthy tips to know more about cold water treatments.

Fortify Colds features:
- Professional cold treatment programs;
- Create your own program and set useful reminders;
- Handy calendar helps to track your program schedule;
- Interesting tips on how to treat yourself with a cold.
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