Get Over Hangover
Get Over Hangover


Get Over Hangover is a real remedy for all party-goers and lovers of strong beverages!
Drinking and partying is a lot of fun but the aftermath can be not that pleasant. Get Over Hangover is your advisor developed specially for this situations. You can use the test to quickly determine your stage of hangover and receive useful hints. You can also access useful information: how to drink and mix drinks correctly, which medicine you should have and popular myths about alcohol. Now you can party without worrying!

HOW TO USE: you can use the easy test to quickly evaluate your hangover stage and receive useful tips and hints in overcoming it. You can also read about proper drinking and mixing of beverages, hangover first aid kit and widespread myths about alcohol. Be informed and have fun!

Get Over Hangover features:
- Quick test to assess your stage of hangover;
- Useful tips and hints on how to cure hangover;
- Useful information about alcoholic drinks.
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