Get Ready For The Future
Get Ready For The Future


What is waiting for us in the future? No way to predict it without any doubt, still you can do your best to be prepared for any upcoming events. Create some projects in our new business app Get Ready for The Future and keep the fluctuating fortunes of life under control. 

You can create a list of tasks and assign deadlines and priorities. Now you will never forget about what should be done for the project. Mark the tasks as completed and your progress will be displayed in the status bar of the project. As you complete tasks of the project, the status bar changes the color. 

HOW TO USE: Use the + button to add a new project. Enter the title and assign the deadline using the timer menu. Choose a day at the calendar and tap a tick to complete or an arrow to complete and start the timer. You can also start and stop the project at any time. Add some tasks for your project and put check marks in the check boxes when completed. Assign the priority of your project tapping an exclamation mark button.

Get Ready for The Future features:
- Useful app for project management;
- Unlimited project list and easy navigation;
- User friendly interface and cool design;
- Convenient notification function;
- The progress is displayed in percentage.

Get Ready for The Future app will help you to meet any deadline and complete the projects with flying colors. Get ready for the future events and improve your productivity in everyday life. 
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