Achieve success and track your goal progress with Global Goal! This application designed to help easily set and manage your goals and new year resolutions. If you're saving to buy a car, a new flat, building a country house or simply want to kick a few bad habits then Global Goal can help you. It'll help you stay motivated and keep you on track.

HOW TO USE: Global Goal will help you to plan for any financial goals like child education or vacation trip. It calculates the monthly investment required for achieving your goal. You can control the goal present value, number of years remain, rate of returns on your investments and even unforeseen costs or gift of money. Create and edit goals and resolutions - view goals by status and category.

For example:
Present value: 7,000,000
Number of years remain: 15 Years
Rate of Return (%): 12
Inflation (%): 7

Global Goal features:
- Easy-to-use goal planner;
- Several different options are available;
- Useful pocket goal guide;
- Make money changes whenever you want.

Control your goals and money using our Global Goal. Be go-ahead and achieve success - this application will help you!
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