Headache Relieve
Headache Relieve


The key bane of our world is the stress. The first symptom of it is a headache. New tracker Headache Relieve helps to detect headache symptoms, track methods of treatment and headache reasons. Headache Relieve is a great application to detect migraines with interactive journal, tracking each tiny detail - from the triggers to the uncommon methods of treatment. 

Headache Relieve was developed for those who often suffer from migraine. It will help your doctor to diagnose your disease and manage treatments. Record frequency and duration, head pain symptoms, medications and other factors. App provides a summary report, so you can decide what actions will be appropriate: visit a doctor or just have a little nap.

Headache Relieve features:
- Record ongoing and past headaches;
- Opportunity to track different headache details;
- Comprehensive characteristics for health conditions;
- Accurate statistics.

Be healthy! 

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