Herbal Book is a guide to the world of plants and herbs. You will have the access to the dictionary, that contains a lot of useful information about medical herbs, herb recipes, aroma oils and their features.


HOW TO USE: Open Herbal Book and you will learn interesting information about plants you probably use every day in the kitchen. For instance, the lemon is not only a perfect addition to evening tea. You can make perfect lemon herbal cream for your skin or lemon cleanse.


Herbal Book is an amazing guide that opens secrets of herbs and their uses:

- Make a hot herbal tea to make flu go away;

- Make a herbal mask for your hair to make them grow stronger and beautiful;

- Make a tasty tea that will help you to sleep better at night and more!


Secrets of centuries were combined in a modern product - the application herbal book with herb recipes. And know your are have a chance to use them!

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