Kitchen Timer
Kitchen Timer


For all professionals and simple housewives a new helpful app is proposed  - Kitchen Timer! Simplify cooking process and all your dishes will be perfect. Sometimes it's really hard to calculate cooking time for particular meal. Forget about this problem - now you have Kitchen Timer. This useful tool is very convenient for modern busy woman who have a lot of things to do except of cooking dinner for the whole family. Just choose meal you want to cook and app will automatically set the cooking time. 

Kitchen Timer features:
- Simple and classic cooking timer;
- Extended list of meals to cook;
- Automatic time setting;
- Notifications expire until 2 minutes before the end.

Make cooking easer and faster, and don't let it steal your presious time. Cook and make what you want with Kitchen Timer! Don't forget to share delicious recipes of baked chicken breast or boiled veal with your friends! 
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