Likes meter for Vk
Likes meter for Vk


If you use the social network Vkontakte often, you'll definitely appreciate our Likes Meter For Vk app! App counts and shows you all the "likes" user has clicked. You can search people by name or by ID. Our app will analyze the information and you'll find our whom does your friend like more. 

Our app was designed especially for those people who want to follow their friend's, boyfriend's or girlfriend's interests. Very convenient and easy to use application allows you to be in know of your friend's activity in Vkontakte!  

How to use: first, log in. Then you can search the user by his name or ID and find out whose photos and avatars got most "likes" from him/her. You can choose the track period: week, month or year. Decide which friends of this user you want to check: male, female or both. Watch the progress scale on the top.

Likes Meter For Vk features:
- Follow your friend's "likes";
- Search by name or ID;
- Ability to choose the track period: week, month or year;
- Watch the progress scale;
- Convenient and nice interface.

With Likes Meter For Vk you'll always be able to control your friend's profiles and know whom did he click "like". Discover people's secret sympathies with our app!  
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