Long Time no See
Long Time no See


Long Time no See - with this app you can always get in touch with your friends easily and in time! Don't forget in a daily haste about people important to you. Long Time no See -  our app tracks and notifies you about all phone calls and contacts with your friends. Stay in touch and let your friends know that they are truly precious for you!

HOW TO USE: Launch our app and synchronize it with your contact list. Then you will be able to edit your contacts, make notes about your friends and indicate your best friends. The app is going to track every phone call and message with your friends and notify you if you haven't spoken with some of the for too long time. You can also edit your contacts manually and make notes if you for example have seen your friend in the party.

Long Time no See features:
- Stay in touch with your friends easily;
- You will always remember important dates;
- Indicate your best friends;
- Quick synchronization with your contact list;
- Tracks phone calls and messages;
- You can dial a number directly from the app.
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