Manly Style Guide
Manly Style Guide


We're proud to offer you our new app for men - Manly Style Guide. If you're a businessman, an office manager or a university student, you certainly need to be really good-looking on different occasions. With the help of our app, you'll find the ways to bring some diversity to your usual style of necktie. Try to wear different tie knots — choose which of them fits the best the goal of the upcoming event: a business meeting, a scientific conference, a graduation ceremony, a romantic date with your girlfriend or wife.

We're sure, this app will also be interesting to the men who prefer casual style and rarely wear a necktie. Even if your general lifestyle or job don't require wearing a suit and tie, you may still want to be more elegant sometimes. Your girlfriend will certainly appreciate your gentleman-like appearance during a romantic date at a restaurant or theater...

HOW TO USE: Choose in the menu the tie knot type you'd like to try. You'll see step-by-step instructions. By following them, you'll easily manage to tie your necktie in a really elegant way.

Manly Style Guide features:
- Different tie knots: four in hand knot, Windsor knot, etc.;
- Add the stylish nuance to your daily look;
- Easy tie knots for the main occasions of your life: business meetings, romantic dates, etc.;
- Find out how to look more elegant, even if in daily life you follow the casual style;
- If you're a lady, this useful app will be a perfect little gift for your man!

Discover the secrets of being an elegant gentleman with Manly Style Guide!
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