Massage Patient Manager
Massage Patient Manager


Massage Patient Manager is an advanced instrument for massage therapists. Organize your patients and treatment sessions with this business application. Your productivity will increase as soon as you’ll start using Massage Patient Manager.  Now you don’t have to keep in memory all patients’ characteristics – you can trust this information to this application. 

Massage Patient Manager is your personal assistant with systematized information about all your patients and treatment courses. Optimize your massage practice with one application which is necessary for every massage therapist. 

- Create a profile for your patient: enter patient’s gender, height, weight, date of birth, injury, kind of activity, choose a type of massage and add notes about treatment session;
- Add marks about patient’s injuries and other characteristics of the detailed image of a human body;
- Organize patient’s treatment schedule.

Massage Patient Manager features:
- Handy massage practice organizer;
- Create profile for each patient;
- Images of the human body allow to mark each patient’s special characteristics.

Improve your productivity with the new business instrument Massage Patient Manager! Track each patient’s treatment session, make notes and add special marks to optimize your working process!  
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