Mother To Be 2
Mother To Be 2


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods in a woman's life. In that time mother's body and even personality change - it's natural. 
Mother To Be 2 - with this app, you can trace your health and symptoms, emotions and wishes or your food preferences. And, of course, your baby development.

HOW TO USE: Make notes and save dearest moments in photos. Sort your weight changes by the month or by the whole period. Also, you can use this app after a childbirth! So let's track this changes in a journal form! Enjoy your pregnancy and count down the days until baby's arrival!

Mother To Be 2 features: 
- Interactive calendar for expectant mother
- Keep your own pregnancy journal;
- User-friendly interface and cute design;
- Track your symptoms and changes throughout the pregnancy;
- Make different notes in your calendar;
- Different reminders – you won't forget anything;
- Set a reminder time;
- Make happy-mother photo album;
- Interesting facts and a lot of information about fetal development;
- Share your happiest time with others by the social media;
- Apple Watch support.
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