My Orders
My Orders


My Orders app is an absolutely must-have  best business organizer app that will help you to maintain your business contacts in good order. Simplify your daily routine, time management and business planning with My Orders and solve all the problems of sales, delivery and financing.  


HOW TO USE: Add your partners' contacts to the contacts list - enter his/her name, phone, e-mail and merchandise. Then add your orders - enter your partner's name, merchandise, price, quantity and order, delivery and payment dates.  Our planning app will calculate the total cost of your orders. Manage your orders, edit information and control delivery. 


My Orders features:

- You can add contacts of your buyers and clients;

- Keep your orders well organized with the best organizer app;

- Helps with time management and business planning;

- Calculates your profit from each order.


Make your business even more successful with planning app My Orders!

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