My Pills Box
My Pills Box


In one way or other we all have to take medication sometimes. Without doubt remembering when to take it can be difficult when you're busy. My Pills Box is a simple, user-friendly and reliable app that reminds you to take your daily medical pill. It is easy, full featured pill and medicine scheduler, and medication reminder app. 

HOW TO USE: My Pills Box is a perfect reminder for people on the go! This medication application focuses on reminding you to take pills on time, allows to list all your drugs, makes your own drugs schedule and helps to choose drug dose. It's very easy for everybody, including elder ones.

My Pills Box is a very useful application with many advanced features:
- Intuitive interface;
- Full information but nothing in excess;
- Your personal pocket drug manual;
- Reminder function;
- Flexible inspection system.

You know it is really very important to take meds in time not missing even one pill. My Pills Box lets you get an alarm each time it is medication time. Alarms repeat if you miss it. Take your planned medication now or choose to skip. Medication amounts don't have to be whole pills. Be in good health with our application My Pills Box.
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