No More Smoking
No More Smoking


It is well-known that smoking is a bad habit that ruins people’s life and health, but nobody knows how to stop smoking cigarettes. There are lots of different programs and books, whose advertisement ensures you that there is no way you can’t stop smoking. Some of them will truly help you, but we just want to let you know that there is only one person that can help you. It is you. 

In our stop smoking app we have collected different pieces of advice that will help to overcome difficulties of the quitting process. You can look up through everyday tips which will provide you with important information on how to find enough strength to stay away from the harmful habit. You can also find some inspirational and motivational quotes and phrases that will help you to believe in yourself and what you are doing. 

No More Smoking features:
- The counter of the smoked cigarettes;
- Time counter from the moment of the last smoked cigarette;
- Personal progress on time how many didn't smoke;
- Achievement and rank systems.

We have also included some entertaining features such as system of achievements and system of ranks. So you should try really hard if you want to see them all. When (there is no “if”) you will get the last achievement and rank you can proudly show it to your friends and close family members. 

It is time to change your life forever. Start your life anew without this destroying habit. Using our stop smoking app you'll realize why smoking is bad. No More Smoking is the only way to get rid of cigarettes and take a deep breath in your healthy lungs! Good luck!

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