Office Activity Manager
Office Activity Manager


Office Activity Manager is intended to help managers or team leaders of shift workers and shift workers themselves to keep track of the work.

Whether you are a manager, a team leader of a shift worker, you will get use from this multifunctional app designed to help you remember anything that has something to do with your job. Make up job reports in a minute with help of 

HOW TO USE: There are many ways you can use Office Activity Manager. Make a list of employers, enter contract data and get information about if they are working at the moment, how much do they get paid, who is not engaged now etc. 

Our app will help managers to keep track of who is working on each day without any need to look on the roster.  You can also find out how many staff members are working on each day in every department. Set budget hours for different departments with a couple of taps. Enter daily comments for staff member.

Reports will help you to get a clear view of how many times a staff member was sick, late etc in a given time frame based on the comments added. It is also possible to find out who would be working in a given future time frame.

Check your shifts on any given date in future, to find out if you would be working on this day. Will help you in planning. Enter your colleague’s hour to know who would be working with you everyday. Enter your leave dates. Find out how many hours have you worked between certain dates.
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