Oh! My Mind Mapping Gold
Oh! My Mind Mapping Gold


So many thoughts and so many ideas come up to your mind unexpectedly every day! Sometimes it may be too hard to memorize them all or to organize your life and brainstorming process in the most convenient way. If you are familiar with such kind of a problem, we proudly present you mindmap tool Oh My Mind Mapping Gold.

It is a brand new mind maps app for simple mind mapping. Today you have a chance to create your projects and organize your thoughts with less effort in mind map maker. Focus on the idea, and use Oh My Mind Mapping Gold  to make a visual representation of your brainstorming process. Wonderful visual diagrams will help you to keep in mind any flow of information - organize your own "memory palace"!

First of all, install our brainstorming app and write down the central idea. Then start brainstorming process and enter your thoughts, drawing a scheme. You can choose given template or you may create your own as well. Customize the map and make it the most convenient. After the mind map is finished, save it as a separate file.

Oh My Mind Mapping Gold Features:
- You can save each mind map into a separate file;
- Use various templates or create your own;
- Easy to use app – user-friendly control and understandable functions;
- Helps you to memorize a lot of information without effort;
- Useful app for businessmen or managers;
- App can be used by students to make the information structured better while exam preparation;
- Total freedom in mind app editing – customize the appearance.

Make the mind map created in Oh My Mind Mapping Gold app your best helper. Now you have your own "mind palace"! Brainstorming has never been so easy and convenient!

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