One Click Shoppy
One Click Shoppy


Welcome new app for easy shopping - One Click Shoppy! It helps to know how much have you spent on products before you reach a checkout lane. With the help of the One Click Shoppy you can stick to your budget and check how much money you have. Learn to save money easily without any efforts and you will be amazed by your new talent of stretching a dollar.

One Click Shoppy is pretty comfortable to use in big malls and supermarkets: you can enter a cost of a product with one hand, and put a product in your basket with the other hand! It's so easy! From since now shopping will be really fast and economic.

One Click Shoppy features:
- Easy data enter - coordinate your spends with just one hand;
- Instant calculations for time-saving;
- Minimum information about how much is left and how much is spent - no more unnecessary data.
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