Party Calendar
Party Calendar


Everybody likes parties, but for those, who organize it, preparation is a real stress. Some trifles can spoil the whole fun. Party Calendar will help you to take into consideration every detail. Don't worry about different tasks, such as shopping or invitations. Party Calendar is a useful planner which will help you to remember all events you have.  

HOW TO USE: Start the app. Tap the button Events to see the list of parties. You can add or delete events. Choose an event and you will see three tabs: Description, Guests, Shopping. In the tab Shopping you can create a shopping list and insert costs. Choose a date, to see all events, which take place that day, or to add a party. You can also choose a day without any notes to create a new record.
In the tab Guests you can create a list of invitees. Use different colors to order the guests: green for   invented persons, yellow for those, who hasn't replied yet, and red for persons, you want to invent.

Party Calendar Features:
- shopping list and guests list in one app;
- calendar with different events;
- create, edit and delete your records;
- insert costs;
- use different colors to make the guests list ordered.

Don't let some trifles spoil the whole fun! With Party Calendar you will remember about all parties you have to organize.
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