Perfect Gift
Perfect Gift


Holidays are great, everyone loves them. As well as everyone loves his or her relatives and friends. It is a well-known fact that all of them need attention especially on holidays. And there are a lot of various special occasions! Birthdays, New Year, Christmas… Do you know that feeling when you have to buy gifts for all your friends, for your boyfriend or girlfriend and for your parents at the same time? Does this process drive you crazy?

Not anymore! Today is our turn to give gifts! We proudly present you our brand new app Perfect Gift, your right hand and advisor on special occasions! Using this app you will not need to write huge lists of possible presents or to calculate your expenditure. Everything you need can be easily found in one amazing Perfect Gift app! Try it out and forget about pre-holiday fuss!

- First of all choose a holiday you’re planning to buy gifts for. Indicate amount that you’re going to spend.
- Then add names of all your friends and relatives.
- Type in gifts for everyone – you can add several options.
- You may choose a picture from a gallery and to insert a link to online shop as well as indicate the cost of each gift.
- Sort the list of presents according to the priority ranking (from the cheapest to the most expensive one; from the most desired… etc.) 
- After you have bought a gift, mark it off with a tick.
- You can also add several holidays and sort them by date. 

Perfect Gift features:
- Perfect app for those who need to calculate the expenditures and buy the most useful presents for numerous friends and relatives;
- This app provides you with an amazing visual representation of a gift list;
- Control your shopping process and spend less time thinking over the best gift for your dearest ones;
- Possibility to sort your list according to various priority rankings;
- Mark the gifts that have been bought in order to avoid any confusion.

No more endless lists of gifts or troublesome calculations! Download Perfect Gist app and make the process of buying presents the most pleasant pastime ever! Make your friends happy without an effort!
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